Buying Commercial real Estate

Commercial real estate may be one of the best investments you ever make. Regardless of whether you’ve successfully built your small business from the ground up or you’re simply starting out, you may eventually have to confront a question: Should you buy real estate for your company? Purchasing commercial property can be very complex, even for insider pros. It’s not the same as buying a home. It takes time, research and planning.

Every business is different, so the choice of owning commercial property is also a decision that must be weighed very carefully. Sometimes it can be a wise investment, and the potential rewards can be great. Let Venture Partners RE help guide you through the process and see what works best for you!  


Our experienced commercial real estate brokers not only help with Austin commercial properties for sale or commercial space for rent, but also Austin business opportunities.  So whether you are looking to acquire or sell a nail salon, warehouse, a Austin restaurant, or a boutique in Round Rock, Venture Group RE can help.

Austin area businesses change hands frequently, and our real estate brokers/agents can either help you market your business for sale or find you a business opportunity to purchase.  We will work with your attorney, CPA, and/or financial advisors to help you with your  business endeavors.

Want to know more about Properties?

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As your tenant representative, we can help you negotiate the best possible lease for your current or future needs.  Using state of the art technology and street market knowledge, we will find you the right space at the right rent, terms, and conditions in the Austin area.

From market analysis to the signed lease, we will represent your property with aggressive and creative marketing techniques. Our approach is to structure transactions to maximize profitability while maintaining the greatest level of flexibility. ​


Venture Partners RE Commercial has you covered for all of your leasing goals. Our respected teams of professionals are equipped to handle any property, and any size and type of transaction, using sophisticated negotiating strategies extensive research,  and demographic analysis. 

Our investment specialist will assist you in the purchase or sale of commercial income and investment properties throughout the country. Whatever the requirement, from a single purchase to the sale or purchase of multiple buildings, Venture Partners RE understands the meaning of “buy low and sell high”.

Why Buy?

Buying real estate for your business is definitely a good idea. Whenever you use commercial real estate to expand, grow, or support your business, the term “commercial” refers to any type of property. You may use anything from manufacturing facilities, general-purpose offices, or buildings to medical offices.

Here are more reasons to consider purchasing commercial property:

  • FIXED RATES – Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing what your costs will be month to month with a fixed-rate loan; there is no exposure to fluctuations like market rent increases.
  • TAX BREAKS – The costs involved in owning and running your business space can result in favorable capital gains treatment and expense deductions like mortgage interest, property taxes and more. Consult with your accountant before you decide to buy.

    When you own, you call the shots. You have direct control of your investment, as well as any tenants or uses of the building. Think it’s time to renovate? Go ahead.

    You have the freedom to customize and tailor your business as needed, which can really be a plus as your business evolves.

  • PUBLIC EXPOSURE – Show off your brand and establish the personality and culture of your business for all to see. Maintaining, customizing and improving the quality of the property helps represent your business and promotes strength and stability.

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